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Asian Cam Girls

Can you imagine pulling those little panties over and tapping that fine Asian ass? My own personal love for Asian cam girls was developed when I started a hot and heavy relationship with a coworker. She had just come over from our Japanese location. Her English was so-so and she didn’t know much about America. I took her to Disneyland and to Las Vegas. We fucked all of the time until she had to go back to Japan.

For about two years we kept in touch online. Sometimes we would Skype each other and masturbate over our webcams. This worked out sweet for those two years, but then she met some guy for a serious relationship. It was time for her to move on.

To continue to fuel my desire to masturbate with her I went to Web Cam Club. They have hundreds of Asian cam girls. I know there is a joke about all Asian girls looking the same, but they don’t. However, I was able to find a girl that looked so much like my Jeni that she could have been her sister. Their rates are pretty cheap so chatting with their Asian webcam models costs me less than it cost me to date and fuck the real Jeni!