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Asian Teens

Cute boobs on this Asian hottie


We all know that these teen girls wanna start eating healthy because they want to grow up to be hot skanks that fuck with every single cock that passes them. Actually that doesn’t sound that bad especially when she’s a teen pornstar and she wants to make her career in this industry. Just look at what a good job this busty teen girl is doing as she is sucking that sack of balls like a champ. She’s giving that cock the best ball sucking it ever had and it’s getting ready to start gagging on it. I just can’t wait to see how much she can deepthroat that think.

Asian Teens

Asian Porn Star Reviews – Club Katsuni


Katsuni is one of those porn stars who really go a long way towards defining what it means to be exotic. Her father is Vietnamese and her mother is French. Katsuni is technically French as well since she was born in Lyon, France, but you can see she obviously got a lot of her genetic makeup from her father’s side.

While studying in college Katsuni met up with a photographer for Penthouse. He was able to get his boss to lock up this exotic little fuck box as their first French contract girl. After several years there she transitioned into doing adult films and has never looked back.

After reading a Club Katsuni review on Porn Tips I had to dive in and check it out for myself. The site delivers on so many levels for fans of her work. She is bisexual and they don’t skimp on showing off her desire to lick other women to orgasm, as well as, her desire to be licked to orgasm by other women. There are group sex scenes in there as well.


Katsuni is one of the only fake breasted porn stars that I enjoy. Whoever did her tits should get some kind of medal. She has a sweet rack! She opted for the underarm method and you cannot even see a scar. In doing so her nipples look natural because they are natural.


You try to force your cock into that tight hole without opening her legs and you might stub the poor sucker. When I want a girl to bare my children I look for women with wide hips. When I want to fuck a tight snatch I go to the ladies like Katsuni with a pelvis that will clamp down on your cock like a bear trap!

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