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Right now the Comic Con convention is going on in San Diego, CA. The main attraction for many that attend are the sexy cosplay outfits the Asian girls wear. Traveling to San Diego can be cost prohibitive. Fuck spending that kind of cash, or even worse, flying to Japan!

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Only Me and My Asian can turn a fully clothes Asian teen into a pornographic adventure. Guys send in photos of their Asian girlfriends and sometimes the Asian teens send in pictures of themselves. This girls extra flesh is so fucking hot. It is spilling out of her bra. It is spilling over her thong panties. You know her fluffy body would  feel so soft against your own body. How would you ever be able to stop yourself from leaving love juice all over her pretty titties?

There are not many sites out there with such a staggering array of Asian content. You will find amateur self shot photos right next to more professional looking stuff. It makes Me and My Asian the exciting site that it is. You never really know what to expect with each update.

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We all know that these teen girls wanna start eating healthy because they want to grow up to be hot skanks that fuck with every single cock that passes them. Actually that doesn’t sound that bad especially when she’s a teen pornstar and she wants to make her career in this industry. Just look at what a good job this busty teen girl is doing as she is sucking that sack of balls like a champ. She’s giving that cock the best ball sucking it ever had and it’s getting ready to start gagging on it. I just can’t wait to see how much she can deepthroat that think.

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Asian Porn Star Reviews – Club Katsuni


Katsuni is one of those porn stars who really go a long way towards defining what it means to be exotic. Her father is Vietnamese and her mother is French. Katsuni is technically French as well since she was born in Lyon, France, but you can see she obviously got a lot of her genetic makeup from her father’s side.

While studying in college Katsuni met up with a photographer for Penthouse. He was able to get his boss to lock up this exotic little fuck box as their first French contract girl. After several years there she transitioned into doing adult films and has never looked back.

After reading a Club Katsuni review on Porn Tips I had to dive in and check it out for myself. The site delivers on so many levels for fans of her work. She is bisexual and they don’t skimp on showing off her desire to lick other women to orgasm, as well as, her desire to be licked to orgasm by other women. There are group sex scenes in there as well.


Katsuni is one of the only fake breasted porn stars that I enjoy. Whoever did her tits should get some kind of medal. She has a sweet rack! She opted for the underarm method and you cannot even see a scar. In doing so her nipples look natural because they are natural.


You try to force your cock into that tight hole without opening her legs and you might stub the poor sucker. When I want a girl to bare my children I look for women with wide hips. When I want to fuck a tight snatch I go to the ladies like Katsuni with a pelvis that will clamp down on your cock like a bear trap!

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Swim Instructor Has Some Teen Sex With Asian Girl


This is a perfect JAV porno right here. The Asians do teen sex right. The girls are always so submissive. They have bodies that look nubile. Look at this girls small tits and her petite frame. If it wasn’t for her tuft of pussy hair I would wonder if she was even legal. Being a white guy I am a total douche when it comes to guessing how old Asian girls are. I’ll admit it. For all I know she is thirty and every Asian guy out there would have correctly figured it out. Haha

The teen sex video starts out with her noticing her instructors cock is growing too big for his briefs. Then he has her touching him and herself at the same time. Eventually he strips her out of her one piece swimsuit and starts massaging her teen pussy with a bullet vibrator. I love being the first one to help a girl with a vibrator. It is all new to them and they love to experiment. Some even let you put it in their bum while you fuck them.

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True Japanese Porn


When you want true Japanese porn you have to go to a site that is written in Japanese and has a layout reminiscent of how things are done in Japan. is just such a site. Any knowledgeable Japanese purveyor of Japanese porn will tell you this site is about as authentic as a Japanese porn site can be. Probably the most comparable American equivalent would be Money Talks. But even then the US site is missing many of the components, and the true candidness, you get at



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Naughty Thoughts Of Chelsea Yung In Sailor Moon Outfit

Chelsea Yung In Sailor Moon Outfit
Chelsea Yung In Sailor Moon Outfit

What kind of naughty things are you thinking about when you see Chelsea Yung, a barely legal Thai teen, in her hybrid Japanese school girl uniform mixed with some touches of Sailor Moon? Her breasts are so young and new they don’t even bounce when she runs. Talk about perkiness!

At 88 Square they have huge pictures and super long videos of hundreds of their Thai girls. Many are barely legal and all of them are super cute. Girls do free live cam shows too. The site is part of a large network of Asian sites that have both hardcore and softcore peppered throughout. This means you get daily updates.


 Chelsea Yung In Sailor Moon Outfit 004

Click the Chelsea Yung picture and watch those shorts disappear. She can’t wait to show you her pussy at 88 Square!

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Candid Asian Teens, Handjobs and Cosplay

handjob idol
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Got a thing for teens from Tokyo or is it all encapsulating? For most people a fascination with Asian teens stems from the fact that they look younger than they really are. Most girls look like they are years younger than they really are because of a mixture of good genetics and eating habits. They have petite bodies and often have small boobs. Also, they are often very submissive. Especially in bed!

At Me and My Asian you get to see the pics most of the girls didn’t expect anyone other than their special friend to see. Girls take self shot photos for their boyfriends in sexy Cosplay outfits and sometimes with nothing on at all. Guys make videos of their times in other countries having sex with girls half their age. Updates come in daily and you get access to an entire network.

Asians! What’s not to love?

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Kotono : Puffy Nipples Japanese Teen


While you might be able to tell this girl has a muff, it is hard to tell she has puffy nipples with her pink bikini on. Take that bikini off and her puffy Japanese nipples evoke all of the exotic feelings you have come to expect from a Japanese porn site like JSexNetwork.


Her name is Kotono and she is one of the Koto teens. Her pubic hair has a full bush on top and is shaved around her pussy lips. In the members area they don’t censor a thing.


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Asian Girl Fucked In Hotel Room

I need to get a video camera and start marking some of these asian sex movies in hotel rooms 🙂 it’s so simple just to find some hot asian model and pretend to make a porno by fucking her and filming it at the same time, you could build up a nice collection of personal porn videos to watch as well as get to fuck loads of girls.This is obviously what this fat white guy is doing as you can see in this video. Watch him fuck this petite asian girl in her hairy pussy and then take a bath with her. If a fat ugly dude can do this then it must be easy!!

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Asian girls naked on webcam

This Asian girl is damn hot with a great body and pussy but there is one problem… she looks so fucking bored it’s unreal. Are you tired of this same old bullshit Asian porn videos like this? if you are then i recommend you take a look at Asian webcam shows to replace this porn with as they are fucking awesome. With the webcam shows you get to watch the girls getting naked in real time rather than some prerecorded porn with some girl getting fucked just for cash. These webcam girls have to earn their money so they do anything you like on webcam and they always love it. take a look, you will enjoy it 🙂

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Petite Asian Girl Fucked in her Hairy Pussy

Skinny asian pornstar gets fucked in this awesome porn video. Asian girls can be a huge turn on or really annoying depending on how you feel about the noises they make when they are getting fucked. This girl is your typical squeaky, loud and annoying asian but i know some guys love it when they make all these crazy noises so if you are one of those then enjoy watching this tiny asian girl getting her hairy pussy fucked hard!

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Kotone Aisaki


I had been focusing a lot on Hikaru Koto, but it is time to branch out into the other Koto girls like Kotone Aisaki. This JAV model is often sought after by her fans because of her feet. Many of her videos feature her rubbing lotion into her feet. They also focus on her feet with Kotone having them tickled or having her use them to stroke her partners cock.

In addition to Gravure galleries Kotone Aisaki does extremely hardcore videos including the Bukkake genre. Her petite body allows her to play many different characters. Kotone prefers to shave her pussy lips and leave a thick tuft of hair on top allowing fans of both shaved and hairy girls to get what they want out of her.






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Hikaru Koto : Unashamed Beauty


Being beautiful and Japanese is nothing to be ashamed about. It is funny though how Japanese idols like Hikaru Koto put on a good act as if it is a mortal sin to be a sexy young Japanese woman. Hikaru was an instant hit as a brand new 18yo star in JAV porn movies. Fans enjoyed her hot looks and her young appearance. She was often cast as a Japanese schoolgirl.

Hikaru was one of the few JAV idols to transition into other media like books and calendars portraying Cosplay models both nude and non-nude. Again her petite frame and young looks propelled her above other girls as she could play the parts of more characters.




No matter which side of Hikaru Koto you are looking at it is always a pleasure. Get more of her from the JSexNetwork. They have thousands of Japanese idols and the most complete video archive of their works.

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Debut Of Hikaru Koto


This is one Japanese AV Idol that can play just about any roll out there. Young looking girls like Hikaru are able to slap on some makeup and play older ladies no problem. Those older ladies cannot just slap on some makeup and play a believable Japanese schoolgirl like the ones this girl has been playing. That is for sure!

Over at they have lots of Hikaru Koto on tap. They are one of the larger and easiest to navigate Japanese Adult Video sites. I felt the need to mention the navigation because these kinds of sites have 1000’s of videos and thousands of models. Without a good scheme for navigating the site it is almost impossible to enjoy yourself. Unless of course you are completely clueless about JAV porn. Then you’d look like a kid in a candy store mindlessly wandering around, but still enjoying yourself.